Like a fish with a purple elephant head, I've been feeling a little at odds with myself.

Let me make a nice list on the subject. I've been:

  1. Consuming more published works than fan works; and more weirdly, almost as much visual media or audio books as written works.
  2. Getting a bit ambitious in my work. Still working on a plan for school.
  3. Biking around the neighborhood of an evening for fun alone.
  4. Taking up interest in houseplants, especially orchids. My work desk is a little paradise, now!
  5. Actually spending more online time playing Kingdom of Loathing ( than reading anything.
But the balance has been restored. I read a really enjoyable Clark/Lex story by [personal profile] bagheera_san, and fell for Clark and Lex again for maybe the fifth time. "Inseparable" was written for a contest by PL Nunn, and whisks the boys to a mythical land where they are, naturally, handcuffed together with special cuffs, which thankfully prevent Clark from ruining the plotline with his powers. Faced with pretty boys bathing in rivers and the forced proximity of passionate enemies, the convincing balance of hostility and repressed desire, and Pam's pretty pictures, can anyone blame me for  my deep appreciation of the Lemurian leadership?

Oh! And I also have just this moment watched up through episode 9 of 11 of Zettai Kareshi. Which I really love, in the most sincere and non-cynical way. I was probably warped by reading I, Robot at a very young age.

Zettai Kareshi includes:

1. A love robot, utterly handsome and devoted. Perhaps a little overenthusiastic.
2. A lonely young woman, sincere and sweet, yet downtrodden. She can make delicious pastries when not angsting over her failures in romance.
3. A young heir to a fortune he has no interest in, with a strong emotional attachment to really good cream puffs.
4, A mad scientist with a genuine fondness for his creation.
5. A kindly, wise bar owner, who hires anyone who is at loose ends in the plot.
6. Random unkind yet potentially salvageable people, including:
       a. A false friend, who enjoys dating only those who belong to others.
       b. A cranky brother, given to eating cake with an extremely constipated expression.
       c. A desperate housewife  landlady, who really ought to get her own lovebot, since she's funnier than the heroine.
       d. Evil corporate "chiefs", ready to throw aside the creation of worthwhile goods in favor of profits.

And more!

It's adorable.

Now I crave Japanese television. Arigato gozaimashita, zany Japanese tv execs.
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