The following list is partial, and should be taken with a heaping spoonful of salt.

  • Jensen Ackles is pretty the way elves are magical; you don't have to see it for yourself, you just need to see the pixie dust swirling in the air where he's been.
  • Jeff Morgan's personality is primarily defined by his gruff voice and ownership of a small dog.
  • There is no place that Eric Kripke won't go when it comes to making his show a metaphorical bouncy castle for the fans.
  • Nobody wants to actually be THAT FAN, but fandom lights up like the Vegas skyline whenever Jensen and Jared demonstrate that they are heterosexual life partners.
  • Reports fail to show if anyone has actually climbed Jared Padalecki like a tree, but the potential is obvious to everyone.
  • Chad Michael Murray's popularity is not adversely affected by his being considered a douche by most of North America and parts of Europe.
  • Co-dependence is hot when it's on television.
  • Jared knows what we like to hear and gives it to us, bless his giant heart.
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