I read the Intarweb, and lo! it did gift unto me the Knowledge of Things Current.
Now I share with all of you.

These things are all SPN RPS related, because I am a serial obsessive. As opposed to a cereal obsessive, which might get me kicked out of bed by the SO. ::shudders::

  • Kenzie Dalton and Chad Michael Murray are apparently no longer together, as of late September 2008.
  • Eric Kripke uses the term "bromance" freely.
  • Michael Rosenbaum and Jensen Ackles used to go out together for steak dinners.
  • Kim Manners, of SPN directorial fame, also directed some episodes of Simon & Simon. Veteran of the craft, indeed.
  • There is a sad lack in fandom of Kripke-based rps stories. He is described very unflatteringly when he does appear, too, which makes the baby Sasquatch shed.
  • If Chad Michael Murray were to guest star on Supernatural, there might be a brawl in fandom. It would be awesome.
  • On the day that Jared and Jensen have to escape from zombies on a go-cart, it would behoove Jensen to let Jared drive.

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