I'm stungunbilly, here as on livejournal, as on insanejournal. I've seemingly imported the lion's share of my entries, though unfortunately not the memories which I use to organize the bits and bobs of writing I do. Hopefully that will change soon.

My current primary fandom is Merlin, and my subfandom is the absorption of massive quantities of what yaoi manga I can find that is 1)completely translated 2)starring adults and 3)entertaining.

I'm also waiting v.v. impatiently for the discs of the second half of season two of Torchwood. Jack!

So, that's me; tell me what you're into. Pimp, if you wish; I love when folks get excited and also? I'm kind of easy.

I love new things, shiny things, and fandom. This whole dw thing makes me really happy.
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