Things What I Learned today when I Used Google, Mighty Boosh version. (With a minor cameo from Patrick Stump).
by stungunbilly
  • Noel Fielding is a kaleidoscopic human goth doll. 
  • Nothing says "I really do love you, Howard" like the purchase of a bouncy castle for someone's special birthday.
  • Mermen with tutus can be strangely alluring, in a terrifying way. Especially when they sing duets.
  • Polar bears need love too.
  • Julian Barratt is incredibly attractive for a geography teacher.
  • Noel and Julian are both pretty willing to cross boundaries for a laugh. Which I, for one, deeply appreciate.
  • British comedians make crossovers very easy for us. See: The IT Crowd, Nathan Barley, The Mighty Boosh, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, etc.
  • Patrick Stump has officially broken up with Fallout Boy Pete Wentz. But will his new album be a success? Google will tell us, of that we may rest assured. Now I feel like writing more Patrick/Frank enemy!sex.
I am so happy to have a new fandom. Especially since my old ones seem to be getting a little... troubled.

Also: I missed you, you crazy beautiful fandom. You are still my bff/soulmate/egg in my quiche. Even when that quiche is a quiche of pain.


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