I'm supposed to be creating a writing/scheduling wiki for the SO and I. Instead, I'm reading my email and sinsense's comment threads and thinking about bandboys and their filthy, filthy scenes. And, okay, so I just watched Release the Bats also, and am reflecting on NPR's interview with Pete. None of which are at all relevant to the motive for this post, which I will now explain.

Whether you are in bandom or not, I urge anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or fantastical urbanity to read "After" by [personal profile] sinsense. Here is part one, and here is part two of two. It really isn't necessary to know the bands to read, though it is all the richer if you do. She created a universe in which one can imagine a dozen tellable stories, and she did it with flair and skill. I'm going to try for a brief summary as follows:

Okay, so ignore my summary. But read her lovely story.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2007 09:41 pm)
I've been working on icons more than writing this month, and still haven't reached my quota, but I've made a dozen icons or so and written parts of at least three stories. The following probably won't make it into them, so. For those of you who aren't into bandslash and still wish to read the following tiny snippet, this is Pete Wentz and this is Patrick Stump and they play music together in the band Fall Out Boy.

And, okay. I'm going to actually cut for this one, because of my growing sense of basic decency. Or something.
Or: What I Learned in Bandom Today, Version My Chemical Romance
by stungunbilly*

  • I've mentioned this before, but it bears learning twice: Gerard Way has married a girl!Frank Iero. Really.
  • Bob Bryar's life has NOT BEEN SAVED. I'm seriously, I'm just saying... look, the guy's been burned and infected and now? He's played injured until he CAN'T HOLD THE STICKS. He needs a little more TLC, and maybe a tiny spark of self-preservation instinct.
  • Ray Toro looms protectively over Mikey Way in quite a few of the pictures I've seen with the whole band. It makes me really want to read stories about them, and I haven't seen ANY! It's a crime against humanity. There must be a good Mway/Toro epic floating around somewhere.
  • Ray's hair is like a lifeform that can't be controlled in its evolution. It will be free.
  • Okay, yes. Ray can really play pretty darn well. He's no Tony Iommi, but he's no slouch either.
  • Gerard Way was really a character in a Tim Burton movie, but he escaped.
  • Q:How fun would it be to see all the MCR guys cast into Tim's Sleepy Hollow, the sequel? A: Very fun indeed.
  • Patrick and Gerard game and read comics together. THIS WINS.
  • A gaming au would be infinitely plausible. Gerard's the dungeon master, and the band are all slacker college friends who get together every Thursday night to play. Frank plays a hardcore fighter character named Maxine, who is six feet six and carries a battle axe. Mikey Way runs a half-elven druid, Ray is a dwarfish thief, and Bob is a combination magic-user/cleric with a fondness for fire spells and death magic.
  • The AU where the guys are a band of hippies playing Woodstock and driving around in a rainbow bus? Needs to be written. They'd all have really long hair, but Mikey's would be in braids. Also, Frank would have a heavily-fringed suede jacket and a beaded headband. Ray would read Michael Moorcock and adore Jimi Hendrix as a greater being. Bob obviously would smoke a pipe and quote Timothy Leary. Gerard would draw psychedelic concert posters.
  • Being in the band is a little like being married, right? So there need to be stories wherein Gerard falls to one knee and asks Bob to join.
  • Bob Bryar lived with Patrick Stump at one point. This could spawn a lot of fiction. Mostly I just imagine gen stories about Bob trying to deal with Patrick's friends.
  • Mikey left the band for a short time because he was depressed. He openly talks about it. It's so refreshing to see that in a celebrity.
  • Frank Iero is a high-energy little monkey, who smiles easily and plays like a child. It is an interesting juxtaposition to see him play up his sexuality onstage.
  • The Sharpie pulpit is amusing. Gerard carries meaningful messages on his neck.
  • I hardly ever see fans ragging on Mikey's or Gerard's wives.

Questions for further study:
  • Has anyone written a story wherein Ray's hair is actually sentient, and helps him with music?
  • If Frank and Gerard were really married, would anyone know besides the relevant authorities?
  • Why did Gerard cut his hair short and bleach it?
  • Is the Umbrella Academy any good?
  • Where is Bob living now?
  • Does Alicia travel with Mikey?
  • How did Ray meet the rest of the band?
  • Does the rest of the band still party, and is Gerard still sober?
*I should be working on the SGA rps one, but I am getting behind myself because of nano and working on my slacking skills.
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( Nov. 1st, 2007 09:47 pm)
Who else has been bitten by the "I should really write more this month but . Not a novel." bug?
My own personal goal is just to write, no heavy editting, no expectations, for at minimum of 2000 words per day. I'm making a special rule here, though, that each new icon counts as 1000 words, so I can sneak in some icon creation. I should probably just use the ones other people make, but I have this thing about making them myself most of the time. I kind of want my journal to be either plain or designed by me, no matter how lame my skills. I have some other folks have made, that I really adored; they're special, though.

Today's output was, you guessed it, a bandslash Pete/Patrick story beginning (Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, for the non-bandslash folks.) Patrick reads the Advocate Interview and realizes that Pete's not really going to jump him, so the pressure's off. He can play around more with Pete, not worry about it getting taken the wrong way.
I have no idea if I'm going to write any more of this one, so. But I've got the basic idea and a beginning.



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