I'm supposed to be creating a writing/scheduling wiki for the SO and I. Instead, I'm reading my email and sinsense's comment threads and thinking about bandboys and their filthy, filthy scenes. And, okay, so I just watched Release the Bats also, and am reflecting on NPR's interview with Pete. None of which are at all relevant to the motive for this post, which I will now explain.

Whether you are in bandom or not, I urge anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or fantastical urbanity to read "After" by [personal profile] sinsense. Here is part one, and here is part two of two. It really isn't necessary to know the bands to read, though it is all the richer if you do. She created a universe in which one can imagine a dozen tellable stories, and she did it with flair and skill. I'm going to try for a brief summary as follows:

Okay, so ignore my summary. But read her lovely story.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2007 09:41 pm)
I've been working on icons more than writing this month, and still haven't reached my quota, but I've made a dozen icons or so and written parts of at least three stories. The following probably won't make it into them, so. For those of you who aren't into bandslash and still wish to read the following tiny snippet, this is Pete Wentz and this is Patrick Stump and they play music together in the band Fall Out Boy.



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