For there is Morgan/Reid! And furthermore, it's [personal profile] sinsense, and therefore GOOD.
If you like Criminal Minds, check out this comment short because, yes.
Okay, so.
Criminal Minds. I've watched up through part of 110, and have one raging question:
Where is all the Reid/Morgan? Now, I like Gideon, and the ladies, and Hotchner, but please. Morgan can't seem to keep his hands off young Dr. Reid. They have manly bonding moments which seem to require Morgan grilling Reid on his sex life and touching him, touching him, touching him again. Morgan picks on him for all the world like John Sheppard does Rodney McKay, with the same plain admiration scarcely concealed beneath the ceremonial mocking of the geek. Also, Morgan looks oh-so-worried every time Reid is in the field in a risky situation. Plus, when Reid has a problem? He tells Mr. Morgan. Who is, as it turns out, much more than a pretty face and a hot body. The man is far more intelligent and sensitive than he readily reveals.

Now, all the slash I've seen seems to be Reid/Hotch, or  Reid/Gideon. This is all very well, and I could certainly make a slashy case for them, but the one that leaped screaming at me like some killer bunny out of Monty Python was Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan. In spite of my mad love for Mandy Patinkin since the Princess Bride came out. I didn't even *like* Morgan in the first episode, but he wouldn't stop groping! I was *forced* to see the Morgan/Reid, people, and I really can't face the notion that I am all alone here.

Help a fellow fan out, and tell me where to go.


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