There are a number of possible versions of this story floating around; one is much longer and angstier, and resolves into different pairings. Another is lighter and sillier, generally more fun. This is quite probably the first of two stories, but it may be changed or deleted or re-posted at some point, depending on my mood and whether or not Frank grows his hair out, and/or Pete Wentz changes the world in some unpredictable way.

Make suggestions if you feel so moved! Any kind, and whether I follow them or not, I will definitely read them carefully and take your input seriously.

I actually think quite highly of both Mr. Iero and Mr. Stump, and their behavior in this story in no way reflects my view of their actual maturity levels, Frank in particular.

To the non-bandom folks on the flist: thanks for being so patient with my latest infatuation. I'm watching Fastlane and warming up to SG:A again this week, so there may be other content soon. In particular, I want to do a "Things I've Learned" in SGA RPS sometime this month. Suggestions or thoughts on the subject would be embraced.

I've been listening to the various bands of bandom, pretty heavy rotation, and most especially Fall Out Boy. I can fairly say that I've given their discography a good chance and I have had time to develop an opinion. Previous to diving into bandom, I'd had a few FOB songs on regular play, the obvious ones and "My Heart Is The Worst Kind of Weapon".  But now I've heard every song I could get my hands on, and most of them multiple times, minimum.

Things I've Learned about Fall Out Boy's Music, Including Things Not Fact But Complete Opinion and in Some Cases about Different Bands:
  • Patrick Stump has that special magic of hook creation, reminiscent of another pop master, Paul McCartney. He's sustained it over the course of several albums, so I'm thinking he's going to keep it, though you never know.
  • Andy Hurley's drumming is solid and heavy and very pleasing to me, in all of the albums.
  • Joe Troh is not a shabby guitarist. He's actually pretty decent. Sometimes he's what I'm listening to in some of the songs I most enjoy, but especially on the earlier albums, where his style fits better.
  • MCR does the whole theater thing better, IMHO; they have visual brilliance and do multi-media beautifully. But I like FOB's music much better. Though to be fair, I'm working on giving them the same full-discography listening space before making any sort of serious judgement.
  • I understand Pete's enthusiasm for Patrick's voice. But I probably like it best in the tracks that set it against Pete's roar as a contrast. As beautiful as he can make it, I really like his early stuff best, with the hardcore sound influencing the sweet.
  • Pete's lyrics are essential to the music. He's embarrassing and mean and sometimes just. I'm not a fan of revenge. But he does cut to the core of emotional metaphor at times. The lyrical roughness adds to the song, rather than detracting. And I often find random lyrics of his lingering in my mind in the good way.
  • The band has a quality of pulling in too many directions on "Infinity on High". It feels like a band that's about to experience creative differences. I really hope that they, at most, take a break and then come back, or that I'm way off base. Because:
  • Musically, and regardless of fannishness, I enjoy the band SO MUCH. I'm really glad that fandom led me to really listen to them, I haven't made such an enjoyable find since the Decemberists.
  • I really think that, if they still share a vision after taking some space, these guys could have another ten albums in them. Maybe Pete will still be able to write when he's happy. I guess we will see.
and Some Things I've Learned about Fall Out Boy, about How Cute They Are:

  • These kids fascinate me, all four of them. The fact is, they are positioned to be test cases for so many new things, and the way they go predicts mass movements in an uncertain landscape.
  • I think Pete looks beautiful lately.
  • Patrick has some weird power of being amazingly attractive that I don't really understand. It's not just the voice, because it's the pictures, sometimes.
  • Joe makes me want to hang out with him, if hanging with celebrities was something I'd ever do, which it isn't. Except possibly Neil Gaiman. He talks about the kinds of animals I love, and loves Star Wars unabashedly. 
  • Andy also seems like a really interesting person, worth the effort of serious discussion. I would love to talk anarchy with him.
  • Here's my breakdown of the four of them, in band/theatrical terms:
    • Pete Wentz: intensely verbal born communicator, addicted to the spotlight and drawn to attention of all kinds, and often battered by that which sustains him. Also really likes music.
    • Patrick Stump: The Compleat Audio/Music/Sound Geek. Multiply talented instrumentally, all-around musical creator. Plus The Voice. Your basic siren. Leave him in a little room with the tunes, dude. He doesn't have to have the spotlight, for serious, he just needs the music.
    • Joe Trohman: living the Rock 'n' Roll Dream. He's the normal guy who learned to shred and became a ROCKSTAR! He's in it for the fun and the tunes, the good bud and the chance to be paid to hang out with his friends in a great scene.
    • Andy Hurley: Idealist, but also realistic. Loves music, but wants to use it to make the world a better place. Takes responsibility for his own choices, and therefore probably a very powerful person.
And that's all for tonight, folks.

ETA: Next up, My Chemical Romance.


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