Okay, so here’s the thing:

I read fan fiction for many different reasons at various times. When I’m in the mood for it, I read for a sexual relationship taking place where I also see the deepest, strongest kinds of love in canon. Where the love is there and pure and true, and there are grounds for attraction, and the canon does not give me a sexual relationship, I like to imagine one, because wow. That might just be the best thing ever.

So when I watch Firefly, and I’m in that mood, I forget that I’m a slash fan. I forget how pretty Kaylee and River are together, and the amusing banter between Mal and Inara, and the way Simon looks in his pants or out of them, and I want to read Kaylee/Mal. Because Mal loves Kaylee, he really does. And Kaylee loves Mal. It’s so easy to see them, if they survived to get old, loving each other with grey hair and all. The most wonderful things in Mal’s life are his ship and his crew, and Kaylee? Is both. She makes Serenity move, she keeps it moving, and she’s like… the nymph of the ship.

Also, I keep seeing them having a ranch together somewhere, over the rainbow.


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