Hth wrote a post about the idiots who said her sci-fi story wasn't science fiction, which, how lame. And then I realized that SG:A people are writing modern literature, romance, and a dozen other story types based on a science-fiction show, and how generally fuzzy our genres really are. Love! I love fuzzy genre lines. And then another thing struck me, and it makes me smile.
See, I grew up reading some seriously excellent but depressing cyber-punk, among other sf stuff. And throughout my fandom experience (you can't know how much I really want to capitalize that), I've read, a lot of worst-case-scenario or dark future fiction. But I just realized that in SG:A I've been seeing a ton of hopeful futuristic stories, especially the ones about DADT being repealed. Six years ago a story wherein the manly male protagonists married each other was mocked as ridiculous. Now it's taken far more seriously. Love!

So, you guys give me warm fuzzies.
The End.


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