There's a winter story I'll never tell, when Atlantis goes through a time of ice, snow blowing like fury all across the mainland settlements, even the City itself experiencing temperatures so cold that the towers gleam like icicles, bright and sharp-looking. It's the story in which John lies to Elizabeth for months, because Rodney's missing and John isn't helping the Athosians prepare for blizzards, isn't seeking trading partners for fresh vegetables and fruit, isn't looking for useful technology, is not doing his job. Because Rodney's out there somewhere, and he knows in his gut that he's a prisoner. And John isn't going to wait and hope, because that is not what he does. She looks at him and his eyes are dull and tired, and she keeps okaying his trips through the 'gate, as the City fills with Athosians seeking refuge from the cold.

But Elizabeth's crazy, not stupid, and she eventually realizes what he is doing. There's an ugly meeting, Teyla cold and solemn-faced, Ronon standing protectively close to John, and John trying to charm his way out of the hole his lies have put him in. But his little-boy schtick isn't working these days, with the shadows under his eyes and him being so angry all of the time. Elizabeth is steely-eyed and sets him a direct order; stop searching for Rodney and get with the program.

Ronon and Teyla have taken to sleeping wrapped around John, trying to keep him from his nightmares. They can't get him to let go of his obsession, and they don't even want to, really. Teyla keeps remembering Aiden Ford, and wonders if they will see a new man in Rodney's body when they do find him. When John screams in his sleep, or calls out Rodney's name, Ronon feels guilty, because he was getting treatment for mild frostbite when Sheppard lost Rodney on M8X-462. He thinks he could have taken all six of the men who took McKay, and saved Sheppard from himself.

Meanwhile, the temperatures are dropping rapidly, and they need McKay more than ever, as systems shut down in the extreme cold. Zelenka predicts dangerous storms. The Athosians are afraid, their elders making dire forecasts of the future, and there is a rumor being passed around that Rodney's ghost has been seen in the laboratories at night. John can't stop shivering, even between Ronon and Teyla, and makes a desperate decision.

When he next goes through the stargate, he goes alone.

Folks were talking about stuff, like they do, and hate memes and other evidence of the decline of civilization, and then I realized. Porn! That's what civilization needs! We can all spend lots of time reading porn instead of using up energy and producing greenhouse gases and being rude to our neighbors. And [personal profile] oxoniensis posted the porn challenge, part  deux, which is evidence that the hive mind UNDERSTANDS and now we can all rest easy.

Okay then, that's solved THAT crisis.

Back to the important stuff.

The bit with the close quarters and John's history that I will never write.

This isn't actually a story, because a) It has no plot and b) I typed it out last night in an attempt to write a thousand words since [personal profile] sister_wolf is a bad influence.

But, I'm going to post it, because it'll make it more likely for me to do this again tonight.

If anyone wants to tell me what I should do to make it actually half-way decent, please do. Otherwise, please enjoy your stay on lj.
Or, rather, I realized that I don't write Atlantis stories, and therefore had to stop what I was doing.

And also, I had a truly embarassing realization.
If John turned into a woman, I would be wanting TPTB to have him and Rodney get married and have robots kids and a pet alien cat and settle in a little place in the Atlantean suburbs. In canon. I pain myself.

Now, off to read McKay/Dex or McKay/Zelenka and possibly some Sheppard/Ray Kowalski for therapy.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2006 11:55 am)
Since I won't be writing any SG:A fiction, I feel free to post this little blurb of John Sheppard thinking, post Inferno.
Note: post-Inferno means beware spoilers.

Fnord )


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