What stories should I read into audio files next?
What stories of YOURS would you like to have read, if somewhat (or quite a bit) amateurishly?

Tell me, tell me now, and perhaps it shall come to pass.

In other news, I've been doing spring cleaning  (of doom) while listening to Christopher Hitchens' new book on audio. It's called God Is Not Great, and it is full of interesting points, ad hominem attacks, intriguing historical and modern references, and bluster. Even the occasional moment of witty commentary, balanced by whining. I think Sam Harris makes many of the same points with greater maturity, but I think the call to retract unneeded protection from religious ideas in discussion is valuable. I disagree with a number of his main concepts, but certainly not all of them. He and I don't see eye to eye on the Bush administration, and indeed I can't understand why a man of his convictions would ever support the Neo-cons. I think we do need to question the verifiable basis of ideas when they begin to strongly influence public policy or endanger non-believers. A lot of what he attributes to religion, I would chalk up to human nature with a thin veneer of religious justification, but the point that we should unmask such ideas and open public policy discussions to our highest levels of knowledge rather than faith is unchanged whichever way one casts blame.

If you are a religious believer, I still recommend the read, but ONLY if you are relatively unruffled by name-calling and hostile criticism. Otherwise, there are much gentler people expounding on the same ideas in other formats.

On the fannish front, I'll just say that I'm glad I'm waiting to watch Season 2 of Supernatural, and I'm VERY glad I haven't been stressed regarding spoilers. Oh, and also? I still love the Office. Jim/Pam all the way! And, and, I've been watching through Red Dwarf again. My love for Chris Barry is painful, yet sweet, and flared of nostril. One more thing! Stephen Colbert's Korean video is SO HOT OMG.

I am so far behind on my flist, I couln't see it from space. Ah well, if anything too important happens, I hope I'll find out somehow. At least I've been doing something useful, from a fannish perspective. I've been making podslash files.

It's so fun! My earliest efforts are sucking a bit, true, but I'm getting a little better. I'm trying to record one short piece and one portion of a longer story every day, and my collection of personal podslash is growing. I wish it was at the point where I thought it worth sharing my efforts, but then, I'd definitely need to get the permission of the writers first, whereas I don't feel the need with stuff I'm not planning on sharing. I'm not trying for accents or funny voices or whatnot, just clear reading of the text.

If anyone has any suggestions on technique, they'd be valued. Also, if anyone longs for a particular story in audio, get the permission of the author, prepare yourself for a very amateur effort, and I'll give it a go.

In between workworkwork, tending the lovefires of the SO, and my little audio endeavors, I've been listening to Fingersmith on CD. I'm so nuts over Sarah Waters, because she plays with perspective in such a nice, plotty way. Good original femmeslash, is how I"d describe this one. Lovely. (And the reader's skill makes me aware of what a long slope I've yet to climb, but also gives me an ideal to strive toward.)


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