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( Dec. 9th, 2006 05:23 am)
Hello and Welcome to the QDE, or Quick Disclaimer Essay! I am stungunbilly, your host. Today we will spend approximately three minutes on the subject of OTCs, or One True Characters, OTPs, or One True Pairings, and IFPs, or Insane Fannish Posses as these things affect the Supernatural Fandom.

Sometimes I have OTCs. I love Sam Winchester! Sexass, and sweet, and tough, and fluffy. Also, did I mention sexass? But most of all, smart and mouthy and BOTH empathic AND resistant to authority. Gah, and have you people SEEN this guy when he's all, and then he TALKS, guh. (Objectivity is tricky around Winchesters).(And I should also say that my guy-type? Is long and lean, not obsessed with fashion or his appearance, wears long-sleeved shirts that can be snagged after sex. And I have a kink for big hands, high verbal intelligence, emotional intelligence, long hair, and throaty voices. So basically, a Sam Winchester kink, is what I'm saying.)

Sometimes, I have more than one. OMG DEAN. Woobie! He's a jerk, no, really. And also Sam's effective mother, and. I really love him. I have ISSUES with Dean, because, he really is a jerk. But he's also a hero, and dude. He loves Sam SO MUCH. He's layered, which makes me think about him and analyze and want to write. He speaks in a California speech pattern which reminds me of the boys I used to run with. And he likes a lot of the music I loved during my teen years, which is just lovely. He's kind of cute, too. Love!!!

On the subject of pairings, I basically want to read Dean and Sam, whatever genre. But I can be temporarily dragged off by really good writing. When it comes to stories where the pairing isn't the point, I'm easy. I just like groovy tales of horror and the supernatural, and always have. If it includes Dean-n-Sam in some formation, I'm good.

On the subject of Insane Fan Posses, whew. I originally started watching this kind of stupid but fun show with really pretty guys, and nobody else I knew was watching. I liked it! It was stupid! Now it has gotten a lot better, but people are lunatics all over the place. By which I mean, varied opinions are not comfortably accepted. And since I always and forever favor a multiplicity of readings, almost all of the heavy rants scare me off. So I want to say up front that I really love John Winchester as a character, and I think he was a seriously crappy father in many ways, and the alcoholic theory holds a lot of water, and also? Alternate readings are more than fine with me. I squick on John/Dean or John/Sam, but not the kind of squick where I feel the need to be upset that other people like it. The dynamics of the Winchester family are decently complex, so over-simplifications will make me snort A LOT. But not necessarily out loud.

Hmm, what else?
Oh yeah, I might be posting some bits and pieces of SPN fiction or cwrps stuff, so. I'll label, but heads up that some of it is going to be very much snippet/short scene/wip unless I otherwise label it. I also intend to do a lot of experiments with writing, and I use this journal to collect the flotsam and jetsam. But I generally cut, and anybody not interested should have no problem skipping. I'll also have a go at proper labelling, like a civilized person.


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