I love manga unashamedly, for many, many reasons. Then again, so much manga hits my MAJOR SQUICK RUN buttons that I go through periods of adoring it and running far, far away. Currently, I am in a flood season of manga once again. All sorts, but today is a yaoi kind of day.

Things I Learned in Yaoi Manga This Week,
a short list but full of wonders
by stungunbilly

  • Cuteness in a man is a strong indication of gayness! If you're in a yaoi manga, that is Too bad there are no such clear markers in the real world!
  • For a number of mangaka, the distinction between "adorable like an infant bunny" and "hot as burning" seems not to exist. This... freaks me out traumatically.
  • Yakuza are dangerous, but not as much as they are sexy.
  • High Schools are chock full of empty rooms that can be locked for assignations (at least in Japan).
  • The Japanese school system only hires good-looking men under the age of 25.
  • Aliens always come to Earth looking for sex. Yeah, I already knew that.*g*
  • "No" may mean "no", but "ie" doesn't mean that at all...
  • Regardless of how they treat women, handsome men are always surrounded by hordes of fanatical women dying to sacrifice themselves.
  • ...But don't worry, they are almost certainly gay and in love with some big-eyed uke who is completely oblivious. Women saved!
  • There are a huge number of princes roaming around, destined to inherit the thrones of extremely obscure kingdoms.
  • Pirates are secretly very caring, hard-working individuals.
  • Transfiguration into an animal will leave you with cat ears nine times out of ten.
  • Glasses are not merely symbols of studious intelligence; they are also a good way to recognize a man who likes to wield the whip.
  • Fine, so he likes to make you cry. Don't judge! He probably only messes with you out of lust love! All is forgiven with orgasms, right?
  • Almost every well-mocked cliche of hurt/comfort slash is one of the mainstays of yaoi manga. Cultures vary, but people are people.
And finally:
  • All that stuff about how women don't like visual porn is totally ludicrous as a generalization.

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