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Location:California, United States of America
Hiya, stungunbilly here.

I am a fannish vagabond, and inclined to wander about a good deal. I'll read anything that can't fight back, but I only write sporadically.
Here you will find fiction shorts, scraps of longer bits, recs, opinions on both professional and fannish works, and the occasional unmitigated squee-fest.

Most of my stories can be found in my memories, listed by fandom. I'm slowly going to be tracking down stories from earlier fandoms and adding them.

stungunbillys tend to the undisciplined in the wild, but are (mostly) harmless.

Interests (160):

andromeda, angel, anime, audiobooks, bandslash, bike-riding, blues, bradley james, brendon urie, btvs, buffy, callum keith rennie, captain jack harkness, captain jack sparrow, cats, cheese, chopin, chris kirkpatrick, colin morgan, comparative religion, criminal minds, crochet, crocheting, dancing, dave matthews, david hewlett, deathnote, debussy, democracy, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/master, douglas adams, due south, ecology, fall out boy, fan fiction, fastlane, firefly, frank iero, gerard way, getbackers, good omens, graphic novels, green living, gwen/morgana, hard core logo, harry potter, havemercy, heather nova, ianto jones, industrial, irony, jack/ianto, jared padalecki, jason momoa, jayne cobb, jc chasez, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, joey fatone, johnny depp, jon stewart, jossverse, jsquared, juc, justin timberlake, kerr smith, king crimson, knitting, kyou kara maou, l/raito, ladysmith black mambazo, lance bass, led zeppelin, lex luthor, lord of the rings, lotr, lucid dreaming, malcolm reynolds, manga, martha jones, master and commander, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael rosenbaum, mikey way, motown, my chemical romance, neil gaiman, nonfiction, nsync, once a thief, orlando bloom, oz, panic! at the disco, patricia mckillip, patrick stump, paul gross, pete wentz, physics, placebo, podcasting, podfiction, podslash, potc, punk, ray bradbury, reading, reaper, reasonable discourse, red dwarf, robot armies, rock, rook/thom, ryan ross, saiyuki, sam winchester, sam winchester's hair, samurai champloo, sarah jane smith, sarah mclachlan, sarah waters, science fiction, sherlock holmes, simon tam, skepticism, slash, smallville, spike, spooky stories, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stax, stephen colbert, supernatural, terry pratchett, the authority, the decemberists, the forsaken, the ramones, third eye blind, timbertrick, torchwood, toshiko sato, trickc, trickyfish, trigun, ursula leguin, viggo mortenson, viggorli, walking, weiss kreuz, will turner, world music, writing, xander harris, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yes
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