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stungunbilly ([personal profile] stungunbilly) wrote2008-12-31 11:52 pm

Happy 2009!

Hey Everybody,

Long time no post at all, longer time since any really active posting.  I'm going to keep my first post of the new year brief. Got a couple of things to say, so here goes.

First, 2008; painful year for me, I tell you truly. I disappeared for the most part, and have been fairly incommunicado for a lot of it. My job and the SO and the cat are holding out fine. Other things have happened that make me too sad to talk about on livejournal yet. But I'm starting to come out of the fuzzy grief fogs, and I'm looking forward to 2009 being pretty awesome.

I'm especially happy about Obama taking over the White House, of course, but this isn't really the kind of blog for political commentary, so...

On to the fun and fandom part of this post, brought to you by the Beeb.


What's not to love? We have the matchmaking slashdragon, Tony Head as Teh King, a prattish prince who frequently needs rescuing, a lady and a maid who are interesting,slashable and endearing, and we have a young man with a BIG SECRET WHICH MIGHT TURN HIS FRIENDS AGAINST HIM. Oh noes!

There are already a number of worthwhile stories to read, and more being produced all the time. I'm even feeling some temptation to write in this one. How about the AU where Merlin and Arthur are homeless guys in London? Merlin has the power to summon cats (by taking off his shoes) and Arthur is the Prince of the Parking Lot (after the worker drones have gone home, naturally.)

So with a new President on the horizon, and a lot of professional challenges, and some awesome new fandom content to enjoy, I'm eager to begin 2009.

Enjoy your bubbly, people. You make the bad bearable and the good better.