Interviewer: Today I, stungunbilly, am going to be interviewing the ever-elusive stungunbilly. Comments and questions from the interviewer will be prefaced by the 'Q:' of standard internet interview format. Responses from stungunbilly will be prefaced with 'A:'. For 'answer'. Or 'aspersion'. Or possibly 'Abernathy' but none of that is important to the following, so please welcome stungunbilly!
::sounds of aardvarks cheering::

Q: So, stungunbilly, I hear you've been jumping out of planes and winning big in Vegas lately. Any chance you'll be using your ill-gotten gains towards time off for writing?

A: Um, yes. I mean no. I mean, what?

Q: Right, so how about them Winchesters? Pretty hot, right? You just like them because of those tight little bottoms, don't you?

A: Yes, they are, and no, I haven't actually jumped out of any planes lately, but-

Q: Moving on, some denizens of the internet have been known to claim people only write Wincest because Jared and Jensen  are smokin' things that also smoke things. No subtext in the show, they say. Is it true? Are you repressed? Do you hate the RPS and also only like things that make you feel less inadequate? Do you support the brutal rape of the canon?

A: What? NO. I mean, well, they are pretty hot.

Q: No issues with the evil? Perfectly in support of creepified scenes of sexual abuse? Slept with Alberto Gonzales lately?

A: I really like the storyline of their brotherhood, and I DO like plenty of televison and literary and real-life guys who love each other just for the love with no smut and-

Q: So you admit that the Winchesters are brothers? Does this mean you hate American families?

A: NO! Wait. Some of them, maybe.

Q: Clearly you are now trying to deny their very canonical relationship, all for your twisted pleasure. How do you sleep at night?

A: I never slept with Alberto Gonzales.


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