Okay. So, I watched the first five episodes of One Tree Hill. I don't know!!! I just did. It was kind of awful. But I'm watching episode six, probably, so you see how important it is that I watch season one of BSG.

Has anyone else noticed how many characteristics Sophia shares with Jared?
Because, bullet list.
  • brown hair that fluffs around the face.
  • amazing smile
  • whiter-than-white teeth
  • dimples like whoa
  • similar skin tone
  • husky voice
  • same zodiac sign, which I don't believe in but somehow I'm sure everyone in show biz does
  • comes across as bouncy and outgoing
  • laughs easily
  • the eyes (color, shape), especially in a smile
  • a sort of foxy, sharp quality to the face
I could go on with this.  It's kind of interesting.


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