Good morning Merlin Fans!

I'm here to let you know you might want to rush over to [ profile] suaine 's journal to read "Excalibur". Like, immediately, you know? Because it's short and not too short and perfect and not too perfect, and really it made me feel all pulse-y.

More specifically:
Merlin crossed the Old Magic by breaking his oath to the dragon. The consequences mean all his secrets will be laid bare to the one most affected by them. So yeah, I really don't want to give anything away, here. Go read!

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( Jan. 8th, 2009 07:36 pm)
And go to [ profile] ficbyzee 's journal and read this

"Woke up New" takes the characters of Merlin and Arthur and tosses them into each other's bodies. This is a fandom cliche, but Zee makes it fresh by really playing out what that would mean to Merlin and Arthur specifically. The power issues are touched on with a lot of grace, and she rounds out both the main characters with a believable mix of feelings and attitudes. It's hot, and funny, and entertaining, but it also has a strong kick to it.
I am dizzy with attachment to the latest bit of whimsy from the keyboard of [personal profile] impertinence. My heart is fuzzy and leaping with a sort of ridiculous exaltation, and hey, yours should be too! Gerard Way is a ghost hunter, and so is Mikey Way, and they suck at hunting, but with so much charm. Frank Iero is the vampire who saves them from themselves and less charming dangers as well, and I'm not even telling you the best part.
Go forth! Seize joy! Here.
But do read the warnings.
I'm supposed to be creating a writing/scheduling wiki for the SO and I. Instead, I'm reading my email and sinsense's comment threads and thinking about bandboys and their filthy, filthy scenes. And, okay, so I just watched Release the Bats also, and am reflecting on NPR's interview with Pete. None of which are at all relevant to the motive for this post, which I will now explain.

Whether you are in bandom or not, I urge anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or fantastical urbanity to read "After" by [personal profile] sinsense. Here is part one, and here is part two of two. It really isn't necessary to know the bands to read, though it is all the richer if you do. She created a universe in which one can imagine a dozen tellable stories, and she did it with flair and skill. I'm going to try for a brief summary as follows:

Okay, so ignore my summary. But read her lovely story.
A house is not a wall, nor a door, nor a window, but when you describe the house you know, you mention these things. In Better Together, [personal profile] miss_begonia builds something different than its parts. It's like a meditation on the nature of things, with more sex.

Aaaaand, I’m here a little more again. I’m even a tiny bit interactive.

Two things were awesome for me today, and I’d like to share them.

The first thing is really a pair of things, stories by [personal profile] lavvyan; she understands the true meaning of sex pollen. Her au makes my smile so wide that I’ve scared the cat. Go here and see for yourself that Tulip and Sunflower are MFEO!

The second thing is a McKay/Zelenka story. It is one of the rare ones in that pairing that really work for me. Dr. Z is made of wonderful, and I love him, and Rodney/him in theory, but I end up unable to make the leap for most stories. But [profile] cinead’s “A Matter of Convenience” brings the funny and the hot and the snarky-perfect emo!porn that I love. She also nicely treads the line between ignoring context and other connections and simply diverting attention or wasting space by trotting out all the folks for a cameo.

For the stungunbilly update, let's just say that I'm living day to day and trying to build up the things that give me joy. Such as John and Rodney and Ronon and Teyla and the Supernatural boys, and maybe a few dozen other things like Castle Waiting, and O! how I adore Stephen Colbert and his pointy finger and his little smile that he can't help cracking while he points the finger and calls everyone out.
Podcasts are things of ingenious wonder, I've been doing some knitting for the relief of having something solid and lovely to show for each day, and the more slash put to mp3 the better the world works, IMHO.

Now I’m going back under the couch for awhile. Be full of spice and excellent to each other, you folks spin my happy.
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( Jul. 14th, 2006 06:24 pm)

Some folks out there are already watching Season 3!

Meanwhile, I wait more or less patiently, and with a smidgen of dread. Who knows what will happen to the folks I’ve learned to love? So here are a handful of story recs, to keep me occupied. There are many excellent stories in Stargate:Atlantis fandom, but these ones all have something special in them.

All of the following are John & Rodney stories, though the form of the relationship varies.


  • The remix of "Left to Fend" is  “The Body Holographic” by Leah and Springwoof. Most of you may well have read this already, but if you haven’t, you might consider it. This is a tragic story, with moments of joy and humor and insight that goes far beyond the world of SG:A, but never leaves it.

John is gone, but he isn’t, and Rodney gets to live with that. It was done earlier in “The Hollow Men” by [personal profile] trinityofone, and beautifully. Here it is done thoroughly.

  • For the pornly drama section of these recs, I’m going to suggest “Little Thing” by [personal profile] ladyflowdi (Diannan). The characterizations here are unusual, and interesting. A viable take on how things could go between them.

John’s ass may be little, but it’s important to him. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, Rodney likes it too. Maybe they’ll eventually compromise.

  • This one is gen, and I have some problems with the internal logic of the story. And yet, I whole-heartedly recommend this one. “Running on Empty” by Sholio is a fully-realized story of survival in dangerous circumstances, with a healthy dose of the kind of brotherly love that leads many of us to slash in the first place.
  • “That Pon Farr Thing” worked on me like a healing balm, a day when I felt really down. Whenever [profile] mmmchelle writes John/Rodney, I can easily believe they genuinely care for each other. That’s even better with snark and orgasms.
  • “Hold Hands and Try to Look Sincere” by [personal profile] minervacat has a little of everything; hot sex, strong feelings, manly idiocy, and aliens who make them do it. Plus? She gets the voices just right. I’ve come back to this one twice already, and I probably will again. It’s tight.


Three hours to Ronon, Rodney, John, Teyla, and the rest of those crazy, crazy Lanteans.
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( May. 30th, 2006 06:09 pm)
Everyone's already read [personal profile] basingstoke's new Specialist Ronon Dex/ Doctor Rodney McKay story, right? Because:

a)It's Basingstoke, come on.

b)It's Ronon/Rodney, omg squee.

c)You get to pick your own ending!!!!!!!

d)There's unicorns!

e)Ronon gets prettier the more you tan him.

6) There is no rule #6.
But Hth just posted a story, and seriously. Even if you don't like Ronon/Rodney, you really should go read it. Probably even if you aren't into SG:A.
It's funny and beautiful and silly and sexy. It would be such a wonderful gen story if there were no mansex in it, which thankfully there is.
Aliens make them get married sometimes.

I really like aliens.
"In the Hands of Yes" by the lovely and talented Hth.

A Short List of Stargate: Atlantis Stories

(that I can’t stop re-reading)

Now with added context.

Special Note: This is not a comprehensive list, at all. Even of my current favorites, let alone general recs. Included here are the first ten stories that come to mind as ones that I re-read compulsively, of late.


Two of these are works in progress, three are extreme alternate universes, one is a high school alternate universe, and all of them have John and Rodney having sex in them. The linking qualitiy is the spontaneous need to read them repeatedly. Though the sex in them is important, I think, none of them would cling to me the way that they do without being emotionally powerful as well as hot. I also needed to be able to recognize the John and Rodney I know from SG:A in them. Even when that is extremely disturbing, as in "Crimes". 

“Three Fates” and “Four Quarters” both have soundtracks associated with them, and are extended aus with more than one part and artwork as well. The development of the world behind the stories definitely has something to do with the way these universes haunt me. I should mention here that although I do frequently re-read these, it is selective. Generally I go over sections of the story again and again, not the whole work.

Several of these are by well-known writers, but the stories are not chosen based even partly on this.

There are no Ronon stories on the list, as Ronon stories are treasured and doled out in a miserly way, to make them last. Too few, still too few.

There is a lot more I would say, but not without spoiling the stories. If anyone is interested in analysis, tell me and I'll do it under a cut. Meanwhile, please keep your hands inside the car at all times and enjoy the show.


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( Jan. 17th, 2006 08:38 pm)
The Slashfest entry I've been waiting for has proven itself to be utterly worth it. Alizarin, who funnily enough also writes lovely SG:A stories, has gifted me with a Xander Harris/Angel BtVS/AtS story that makes my toes curl and my heart hurt. Xander and Angel together has to be written well to work, but when it is, it is amongst my all-time favorite pairings. Alizarin does it well.
The story's called "Proportioned to the Groove" and can be found here.

P.S. Note to foxmonkey; try here for the Sheppard/Dex.


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