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( Jul. 20th, 2006 06:28 pm)
It's probably no secret to anyone on my flist that I love the character of Rodney McKay. Since I navel-gaze like most of you, I'm going to take, oh, five minutes to type out a list of reasons why. Since love is not altogether reasonable (though I contend it has recourse to reason!), I may not actually hit on the One True Reason I Love Rodney.


8 Reasons I Love Rodney McKay.

  1. He is so emotionally transparent. I feel that I am getting to know him well, by watching him go through dramatic events. It's possible for me to love him, because it is unusually possible to know him.
  2. When troubles come and monsters attack, he has normal human emotions in response to them. He doesn't lack the capacity for fear or greed or anger or daily annoyance, and so when he does the right things in the face of these events and the emotions they provoke, he is overcoming himself as well as the external world. I find this admirable in a way lack of fear or mindless optimism isn't.
  3. Rodney is moody and subject to the whims of bodily chemistry. So am I. I can relate to him.
  4. He's just incredibly sexy, though that's probably David Hewlett's fault. Not my type, at all, but not because I don't find him handsome. I do. I just am attracted to relatively few people sexually, and none of the others look anything like him at all. But this guy makes me seriously want to lick him.
  5. The animation he shows is manic at times, but he's always moving, speaking, doing. He's fun to watch. He's so vital.
  6. The people in the real world who I have known that fit a similar personality type are easy for me to deal with, as long as I'm awake and alert. They need attention and appreciation, and I'm good at that. They give me affection, and that's good by me. So I feel that I could work with him, and he'd be an incredible helpful friend on a practical level.
  7. He can take hearing it when he crosses a person's boundaries. You've got to be willing to battle, but he will back off a strongly laid line. This works for me, because I like honing my people skills. He's like an obstacle course.
  8. The man just looks so incredibly huggable.


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