Which may include some revised thinking, or not. I stand by not standing by any opinion I form during this vulnerable time. Also:
Please seek to influence me! Tell me why I shouldn't bandslash! Tell me why it's the greatest fandom of all time! Sell me on Andy Hurley's Plan for Global Anarchy! Make me an icon of the bandboy you want boxed!

  • Pete Wentz looks good in orange, and has a Sordid Past.
  • Embarrassing as it is, I'm actually kind of hoping Patrick will put poor Pete out of his pouting and place a ring on his pinky finger! But Patrick seems to be a straight man. I'd fanperson him, probably, except I'd be over-critical and one of his True Fans might make me question my core values.
  • Ryan Ross says really bitchy things about his ex. It makes me want to call him George.
  • While I have yet to encounter his actual words or anything, Bob Bryar seems to have a reputation as being a genius. This in spite of the fact that he keeps playing drums even when he is ON FIRE.
  • Panic! makes interestingly narrative music; I really like it.
  • Spencer Smith is a pretty decent drummer.
  • Pete/Patrick reminds me of John/Rodney in some fundamental way.
  • The only MCR song that has really opened up for me is "The Black Parade", which I like a lot and obviously makes me a lame Single Fan. I think I need framing and context for favorite songs to get the rest to talk to me.
  • The Crane Wife sounds so incredible after listening to The Academy Is... No idea why.
  • Travis McWhatever should put his hands on William Whatsits' hips ALL THE TIME. There is something incredibly provocative about those pictures.
  • Brendon Urie has nice pipes.
  • ETA: George and Brendon sing beautifully together, and I mean that in all irony deficiency.
  • ETA2: Bob Bryar wears capri pants because nobody can see his legs behind the drumset! <3
  • ETA3: Apparently George wields soup as well as witchy words. We shall pet him and keep him, precious.
Show me the light, folks.


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