Apparently I have lost my mind. Having escaped the vicissitudes of academia once, I am actually, willingly considering returning to it. Meep.

My transcripts are a mess, I went to a university which didn't generally give letter grades at the time, and who knows if I'll even get in? Not me. Especially since I'm practically having a panic attack just reading through the application forms. Joining a band is looking better and better.

I plan to give it a shot, though. That Masters is looking pretty good professionally, and I have hopefully learned a thing or two since my undergraduate days. I'm certainly going to find attendance easier, since I'll be taking most of my classes online (hopefully.) That is, of course, if I get accepted. I wonder if lying down and begging them to only look at my first 200 course units will work?

How does one explain to a board of judgy judgers that, yes, one was stricken by what one later recognized as serious depression for the last few years of college life, but one is generally a good egg and valuable student? And that the combination of "not turned in", "poor attendance", and "excellent understanding and analysis" is actually a triumph of the human spirit?

I'll set up an aca-filter if it looks like I'll need to break down in tears on the internet frequently.

Wish me luck.


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