Reading the news, my flist, and the general miscellania of the information highway today, I realized something consistent about all the comments I felt compelled to make, the points I thought I needed to address. Because the subjects differed, but my responses were quite similar.

They were all reactionary. Instead of having something of my own to share, I've spent the day feeling embattled in defense of the things I enjoy, and threatened by the things other people are doing or saying. Deep down, I feel threatened by criticism of my tastes and choices, and terrified by distant men in suits and combat gear shouting political rhetoric and waving about their emblems of righteousness.

This? Is a sucky feeling. All the ranting online in the world is not going to make me feel better. It will only make me more uncomfortable in my own skin.

So I'm just going to march right up to my lj and make a post of, not what is bugging me, but the things I'd like to have happen, that I'm dreaming of, or that I really like. Plus, you know numbered lists always make me happy.

5 things stungunbilly would like to see in fan fiction.

  1. Progressives in their natural habitat, winning. Ex: the AU wherein Fraser and Ray Kowalski take on the big oil companies, and triumph by proving all kinds of illegal actions by the members of Bush's government and business associates, bringing them all down in a glorious execution of justice. The dissolution of Haliburton! The fall of Karl Rove! A new era of safe energy development is ushered in, and it's all because of the fulfilling love of one Mountie and his heroic, experimentally-haired best friend husband. With blow jobs and saved baby seals on the side.  Seriously, I want this.
  2. See above, only this time it's the one where Jared leads backpacking expeditions and Jensen is a green actor who thinks he can handle a mountain climb with no experience or guide. Jensen and his buddy Chris get into trouble, and Jensen gets completely lost and loses his pack. Luckily for him, Jared finds him. This one includes Jensen falling in love with the wilderness and Jared, equally,  and also maybe a bit of hurt/comfort when Jensen slides down a slope in his inadequate footgear and sprains an ankle. Poor Jensen! But Jared makes it all better.
  3. A Firefly story that takes Mal back in time to before the War, and enables him to defeat his enemy. But in doing so, he changes history in the mind of everyone but himself. None of his companions know him, and he is alone with his knowledge. He misses his crew far more than he could possibly have expected, and when he meets up with Kaylee unexpectedly, he surprises himself by letting her seduce him. He surprises himself even more by being happy, afterwards, and convincing her to start a ranch with him.
  4. A DCU story wherein it is discovered that the whole world is a comic book, being written by unknown persons. Bruce figures out a way for them to start changing the stories from within, and Tim begins by undoing the effects of the Crisis on Superboy. Soon the secret slips out, and Lex Luthor realizes he's not really bad, he's just written that way. A complete free-for-all ensues, with all the characters, heroic and villainous, striving to make their most impossible dreams come true. In the end, and after lots of fun drama, Clark does something cool to bust a hole into our own world, where he is subject to normal physics. Lex follows him, accidentally sealing the rift. And metaphorically, too.
  5. SGA AU where the Hippies really did take over the world back in the Sixties. Instead of the military being in charge of the 'gates, there is an international coalition of scientists and artists running things. John is famous for his trippy pilotting skills, much in demand at  official tribal gatherings and international drum circles for the amazing trails he can produce. Rodney is an old school scientist, unwilling to acknowledge that he has an aura, and generally considered brilliant but uncool. He and John like to resolve their differences with sex. Fortunately for our intrepid heroes, the Nox really dug the groovy kids they encountered in our own galaxy, so they accompany the Pegasus expedition and make things a lot easier. The Wraith don't awaken, but they do meet up with Teyla, who loves the awesome murals John has painted on the Puddlejumpers. Ronon becomes the most popular guy on Atlantis not because he can fight, but because of his sweet dreads.


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